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Junior Mobi Program

Want your teenagers to get involved in Mobius as well?!  We have the perfect solution that we offer through our Junior Mobi Program.  Students in 7th-9th grade are eligible for the junior mobi program.  

The Junior Mobi program is a volunteer program.  We know that the younger kids get excited to work and learn with older kids.  We of course will have certified Mobis supervising and working with the students but would love to have teens that are passionate about helping younger students learn and explore.  It’s never too early to start helping others through volunteering. Young people have a lot of gain from volunteering as volunteer work presents a great opportunity for teenagers to prepare for the future, as well as to improve their communities.  We also know that each student has gifts and talents that can be used to bless others in big and small ways.


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Board gamesBenefits of Volunteering
  • Gaining New Skills
    With each new volunteer activity comes training. These skills may seem basic or trivial at the time of training but may also provide building blocks for future success.
  • Adding to the Resume
    Commitment to community volunteer work overtime shows that a teen is willing to work for something without monetary compensation–much like a college internship, apprenticeship or job shadow experience–which may be a requirement of college programs.
  • Giving Time
    One of the most selfless acts anyone can do is donate their time and talents. Teens who are busy with after-school sports or work to help support their families and still make time to volunteer on evenings or weekends show outstanding character and resolve to make a difference.
  • Showing Responsibility
    Just like going to a job, committing to a volunteer position shows responsibility.

Junior Mobis can choose to volunteer either two days a week (Tu/Thurs), three days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) or five days a week (Mon-Fri).  You will also be able to choose to volunteer one semester or both. Spots are limited, so it will depend on availability. There will be a $50 fee per semester they volunteer to cover shirts, snacks, and other activities for the Junior Mobis. 

Students will need to apply for the Junior Mobius Program which will include an explanation on why they want to be a Junior Mobi, two references from non-family members (such as teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.), and a brief description that includes club and community involvement, awards and achievements, and other information you would like to share.

Junior Mobis will be picked up from school or can be dropped off at the facility on their volunteer days.  They will have fun while working to help our Mobis implement the activities in every classroom. They will get a chance to rotate through all the classrooms and outdoor areas to play the games with the students.  Junior Mobis will also get an opportunity in the library to work on their homework or help tutor younger students.

As of right now we will be offering transportation from Fulbright Junior High.  We may add other schools depending on demand, so if you are interested then please let us know in the contact us box what school your child attends.

To apply, please click on the button above to fill out the forms.