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Summer Program

We will start enrolling for the summer 2023 program in February.  To receive early access to registration, please sign up for our newsletter on the home page.

This program is for students K-6th.  Students must have completed kindergarten to enroll in the summer program.  The Mobius summer program is a full-day program open Monday-Friday with full-time and part-time options.  Students get the full Mobius experience in the summer plus fun field trips in the community.  


Enrollment Closed

Science experiment

Mobius Experience

Welcome to Mobius! This is where kids can explore new paths, dream about their bright futures, and discover amazing things about themselves.

Our goal at Mobius is to create a safe and fun environment where kids can be kids, they are able to learn and explore through creativity, and love and enjoy their experience at the center. 

At Mobius, we strive to provide the ultimate summer experience!  Our instructors (which we call Mobis) greet the students and lead them to the gym where we have upbeat music playing to get the energy going and students ready for the day!  Students are able to play in the gym area or outdoors until we start our group rotations. Students receive a morning and afternoon snack and need to bring a lunch each day.

Students are be placed in age appropriate groups and spend 40-45 minutes rotating between our science room, art room, technology room, library, game room, gymnasium, and our fully fenced in outdoor area with full size soccer field and state of the art playground.

Students have a blast playing on the triple decker slide and zipline outside, see the wonder of making homemade volcanoes in science class, create t-shirts, masks, and all sorts of projects in art, and learn how technology can be used as a tool to create.  Plus, so much more!!

Students also experience weekly field trips to places in our community.

Spaces and Curriculum

Science Room: The science room is a fun experience where students can grab their goggles and aprons and learn through hands-on activities in a safe environment!  Kids create their own bouncy balls, forming clouds in a jar, creating a planet, and coding a Lego maze just to name a few.

Art Room: This is the kids’ opportunity to show their creative side!  They participate in several drawings and paintings, leaf rubbing, learning a little origami, and creating their own charms, instruments, and so much more!

Technology Room:  Students get the opportunity to learn how technology is used to create. Students are able to participate in fun and education games, dabble in coding, and create 3-D models.

Game Room: Let kids be kids!  This game room is pure fun.  Equipped with numerous board games, card games, and bigger games such as air hockey, foosball, and shuffleboard, kids will never get bored getting to enjoy their favorite games with friends.

Library: A little quieter than our other rooms, the library offers some time for the students to wind down.  They have access to books and are able to read, work on homework, draw, write, or engage in other quiet activities.  Students are able to leave their other rooms to head to the library at any time to work on homework.

Gymnasium: Our basketball gymnasium is the perfect place for kids to run and play.  Students get to experience several organized activities with Mobis teaching them new games daily!

Kids having fun playing soccer

Outdoor Space: The outdoor area is fully fenced in and has a full-size soccer field and large play structure.  Students are engaged in all kinds of fun activities on the field and never get tired of playing on the triple decker slides, zipline, or all the climbing elements the playground has to offer.



  • Curriculum-based learning modules are used based on recommendations by the National Science Foundation, MIT Technology Forum for Kids, and other educational resources.
  • Exercise with a gym, outside play fields and a soccer field provide exceptional challenges for children to stay physically active.
  • Nutrition conscious snacks and foods are served as prepared snacks each day at Mobius to encourage students to be active and eat healthy.  For summer programs,
    students need to bring a sack lunch.
  • Rotation between a technology room, art room, science room, gym, library, study room, and game room. In the science room, we will be doing fun activities such as making volcanos, building a marshmallow catapult, and teaching about the crystallization process by growing rock candy in a jar. In the technology room, students engage in fun, safe, educational games. In the art room, kids participate in everything from slime art to play-doh sculpting.

Hours and Pricing

Mobius Learning Academy – Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm

Contact us at or 479-224-8077 for current tuition pricing.


Mobius Summer 2022 Weekly Themes

This summer students will Explore, Dream, Discover!


Week 1 (May 31 – June 3)Space Week – Students will learn about the planets and space! From elaborate spaceship paintings to asteroid toss on the soccer field this week is sure to be astronomically fun!


Week 2 (June 6 – 10)Nature Week – Love watching peaceful streams go by as you scale up a mountain only to find a beautiful pink cherry blossom blooming in rays of sunlight? If you do, you’re sure to love learning about chromatography and making edible dirt in this environmentally friendly week!  Field Trip to Tanyard Creek


Week 3 (June 13 – 17)Carnival Week – Ding ding ding we have a winner!! And that’s anyone who joins us for this week’s big top adventure! Elephant toothpaste and cotton candy paint are sure to make this zany week a triumphant success!  We’re bringing a clown to Mobius!


Week 4 (June 20 – 24)Shipwreck Week – Ahoy me matties this week is sure to be a cannonball of fun! Want to build a lego boat or make a pirate map? What about learning how to walk the plank in gym? If the pirate’s life is for you this just might be your favorite week!  Field trip to Amazeum!


Week 5 (June 27 – July 1)Sports Week – Dribble, kick, and jump your way over to Mobius for a week sure to make your heart pump with happiness! Sports week includes activities such as broom ball, a relay race and even making paper footballs. After that chill out and make some ice cream in a bag! The true ballers come alive here at Mobius!  Field trip to the Rogers Bowling Alley!


Week 6 (July 5 – 8)Heroes Week – From Superheroes to heroes here in Northwest Arkansas, this week we’re learning what being a hero really means! Students will dust for fingerprints in science and play Captain America shield toss in gym! Come learn how to be truly super with us this week!  Fire Department and Police Department coming to Mobius!


Week 7 (July 11-15)Shark/Ocean Week – Under the sea is where we’ll be! Snorkeling isn’t the only way to explore when it comes to the ocean’s many amazing features! Students will get to make pool noodle sharks and learn how fish really breathe underwater in this sharktastic adventure of a week!  Field Trip to the Springdale Splash Pad!


Week 8 (July 18 – 22)Animal Planet Week – Lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY! Join us in our expansive look at the zoology here on earth! We’ll be exploring animal habitats and playing tag like only a crab knows how in this awesome animal-filled week!  Barnyard Buddies joining us here at Mobius!


Week 9 (July 25 – 29)Decades Week – Ever wonder why roller rinks are still around? This week we are grooving to the beat of our own drum as we make disco play-doh, tie-dye filters, peace sign art, and sing along to Encanto! Peace-Out! Field Trip to Roller Skating Rink!


Week 10 (August 1 – 5)Engineering Week – This week we’re sure to be airborne…literally! Students will learn how to make clothespin planes in art and find their spaghetti strength in science! If your built for the skies, this one’s for you!  We have a Helicopter Landing on the soccer field!


Week 11 (August 8 – 12)Arkansas Week – Woo Pig Sooie!! We’re celebrating our great state by calling those hogs this week! Learn about the growing Arkansas crystals while even making a Razorback tin can in this spectacular week!  Field Trip to either Jones Center Ice Skating Rink or the Movies!


Week 12 (August 15 – 19)Magic Week – Ready for some razzle dazzle? Well, we are!! We’re lifting our top hats in glee thinking about this week’s magical adventures! Students will make magic wands and figure out “what is magic milk” in this week of wonder and awe!!  We have a Magician coming to Mobius!